We normally rent out our vehicles via so-called hosts. These are businesses in the neighbourhood (such as restaurants, shops, hotels or cafés) that hand over the keys and battery to our users and in return are also allowed to use the Carvelo for their own purposes. This concept allows us to expand our network quickly as we do not have to build any infrastructure. At the same time, the hosts also act as ambassadors in their neighbourhood and provide a friendly local point of contact for our users.

However, due to limited opening hours, the host concept also has its disadvantages. That is why we have developed the so-called “Carveloboxes”. The Carvelobox is a wall-mounted box that is connected to electricity and in which the battery and key of a Carvelo are stored. The smart box can be opened directly via our app.

The Carvelobox enables our users 24/7 access and flexible collection of Carvelos without waiting times.

How does it work?

  1. Book your Carvelo via the carvelo app. Self-service locations include the word “Carvelobox” in the name of the location.
  2. Pay attention to which Carvelo you have booked. At some locations, several bikes are available at the same location. The different boxes and associated bikes are usually marked with numbers and colours.
  3. At the start of the rental, the box can be opened directly via the app. To do this, go to “My bookings” and click on the “Open now” button in the detailed view of the booking in question.
  4. Now you can remove the battery, keys and, if necessary, the charger from the box.
  5. Please pay attention again to the colour codes of the Carvelos so that you click the correct battery onto the correct Carvelo.
  6. Close the box again manually by pressing at the marked point. You should hear a “click”.
  7. At the end of the rental period: You can open the Carvelo box again using the same button in the app. Please put all parts back and reconnect the battery to the charger. The box can be opened via the button for the entire duration of the reservation.
  8. If you have problems to close the door, please make sure the Carvelo is locked properly, keep battery and keys and let us know about the problem.
  9. Contact us if you have any other problems.

Information about specific Carveloboxes

Bern Défivélo

The best way to reach this Carvelobox is via Maulbeerstrasse 10. The box is located to the right of the entrance gate (see the black cross on the picture below), while the Carvelo is parked directly in front of the entrance to Laupenstrasse 5a.

Emmen Siedlung Grünmatt

The location of this Carvelobox is in the car park of the Grünmatt housing estate in Emmen.

Lausanne Fiches Nord

The Carvelobox is located at the bottom right, next to the grocery shop. The bike is parked above ground.

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Christmas break 23.12 - 2.1.2024

From 23 December 2023 to 2 January 2024, the carvelo team and many hosts will be on Christmas break. No Carvelos or Smargos can be booked during this time. From 3 January, the Carvelos and Smargos will be available again and can be booked as usual via the app.