Smargo / Goupil G4


Electric support

45 km/h
loads 1100 kg
Shared micro cargo
Driving licence required
The Goupil G4 is an electric utility vehicle that is ideal for transporting larger goods. With a range up to 100km, a maximum load of 1100 kg and the narrow vehicle width of 1.32 m, the Goupil is perfect for transport in urban areas. The dimensions of the loading area of the Smargo are 217 cm (L) x 121.8 cm (W) and 112.6 cm (H). The vehicles are always being charged at the location (charging time: 4h - 6h). The Smargo locations in Zurich Lochergut and Schaffhausen offer the option of a type 2 charging adapter for charging at public stations at your own expense (ask the host for a replacement charging cable and charging adapter). To use the Smargo you need to upload a valid driving license (type B).
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Christmas break 23.12 - 2.1.2024

From 23 December 2023 to 2 January 2024, the carvelo team and many hosts will be on Christmas break. No Carvelos or Smargos can be booked during this time. From 3 January, the Carvelos and Smargos will be available again and can be booked as usual via the app.