Riese & Müller Packster 60

Electric support
25 km/h
2 kids seat(s)
loads 100 kg
240 cm
The former standard model of the carvelo fleet, the Packster 60 from the German premium manufacturer Riese & Müller, was replaced by the "Transporter 65" model in 2023. However, the Packster is still on the road at many locations and offers many advantages. Thanks to the belt drive, continuously variable Nuvinci gears and the "Performance Line Gen3" Bosch motor, the Packster requires little maintenance and offers a great riding experience. Up to two children can be transported on the two comfortable child seats in the wooden box - two 5-point harnesses offer a high level of safety. In case of goods transport, the child seats in the box can be folded up and in bad weather a cover provides wet protection for goods to be transported. The saddle and handlebars are adjustable, making the model suitable for riders between 1.60 and 1.95 m tall. The easy-to-use display can be used to control the four support levels of the electric drive, to call up information about the ride and to switch the lights on and off. With a fully charged battery, a range of 50 - 80 km is achieved - the decisive factors for the exact range are temperature, topography and the selected assistance level. Dimensions of the vehicle: 240 x 70 cm. The loading area (bottom of the box) is 60.5 X 64.5 (rear box) / 55.5 cm (front box). The maximum permissible load is 100 kg. The total weight of the bicycle (37 kg) plus rider plus load must not exceed 200 kg. Attention: The box of the Packster 60 cannot be dismantled in the version configured for carvelo. The clamping set is firmly screwed in place.
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Christmas break 23.12 - 2.1.2024

From 23 December 2023 to 2 January 2024, the carvelo team and many hosts will be on Christmas break. No Carvelos or Smargos can be booked during this time. From 3 January, the Carvelos and Smargos will be available again and can be booked as usual via the app.